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wow hey I like musicals a lot

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Baby: S-s-s-s
Parents: Sis??? Sister???
Baby: September first, 1989. Dear diary, I believe I'm a good person. You know, I think there's good in everyone. But here we are, first day of senior year! And, uh, I look around at these kids I've known all my life, and I ask myself, "What happened?"


Has anyone mentioned this picture yet because I’m still laughing at it




from now on all cursing uttered in surprise will be replaced with the phrase “dang dang diggity dang-a-dang,” preferably to be sung in three-part harmony with my color-coordinated girl gang


reading bad reviews about Heathers: the Musical



Me: look at these Broadway bootlegs I found and should watch!!!
Me: *watches next to normal 700 times in a row*
Person: Scale of 1-10 how dramatic are you?
Me: Phantom of the Opera overture



aka it’s nearly september why has it taken this long what is wrong with me

there are five prizes to win, each row of playbills in the picture will go to a different person! included are playbills from Violet, Cinderella, The Book of Mormon, Act One, and Heathers!

the standard rules are gonna apply for this giveaway but I saw someone (kiracompton to be exact) recently ask people to donate to charities instead of asking for a follow and I thought that was awesome so on the honor system I included two links where you can donate for free just by clicking links and two where you can donate as little as a dollar up to as much as you want!


  1. Click for free to give a child a book!
  2. Click for free to help homeless veterans!
  3. Donate to the MS Society!
  4. Donate to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund!


  1. only reblogs count / 1 reblog per person
  2. you don’t need to follow me, just donate a little!
  3. I’ll ship anywhere!

the giveaway will end on friday, september 5th at noon - at that time I will send 5 random winners messages and they’ll have 24 hours to reply! the first name I pick will get the top five playbills, the next name with get the next four playbills and so on…

if you have any questions feel free to message me!

reminder that there’s only one week left for this!!

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